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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell Nantucket Art

Tim Campbell Nantucket Art

Tim Campbell Nantucket Art

Tim Campbell Nantucket Art

Tim Campbell Nantucket Art

Your Name
Tim Campbell


How or when did you first “discover” Art?
It was in the second grade when i won an art competition for the entire school district. I attended Ringling School of Art in the 70s and have studying art and photography, all my life.

Name one of your greatest creative influences and why?
Picasso. the man was a genius.

What made you decide to become an Artist?
I flunked art all 4 years of high school so i said, “this is what im going to do!”

What are you currently working on?
It varies. at this second, a paul revere sculpture of him riding on his horse.

What is the most rewarding thing about being an Artist?
I love it when people tell me that my works makes them laugh.

What is the hardest thing about being an Artist?
2 words. money & money.

Briefly describe your studio.
My entire house is my studio. its mainly just art, antiques and ALOT of clocks.

What is in your CD player when you work?
Nothing. TVLand.

What is the last exhibition you saw?
A local exhibit called, art in the park, which had about 75 artists displaying.

How does Nantucket inspire your work?
Love the area. Love nautical.

How do you relax when not working?
What’s relaxing mean?

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